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The Tarot Experience with Jo Paz

Tarot Reader & Astrologer


Telephone Readings are usually given to people who cannot get to see Jo personally. Maybe they live too far away or for some reason are housebound. She has regular telephone clients as far away as Canada, America, India and Jersey, just to mention a few.

People often wonder how these readings work but Jo believes that sometimes telephone readings work better than face to face consultations because there are fewer distractions. Also the client relaxes more so consequently they subconsciously open more channels which makes it easier for Jo to tune in.

Jo's guarantee is that she will read for you exactly as though you were sitting next to her, she will take you through the reading step by step and even describe the picture on the cards!

Most importantly, she will use her ancient, well worn and well loved pack of Rider Waite Tarot cards.

The average length of time for a telephone reading is approx 45 mins but of course if you need longer, Jo will gladly give of her time.

Skype readings are also available without video to maintain privacy for both parties

The price of the reading is £30 - this is a one-off price regardless of the time it takes (some readers charge £1-50 per minute) and you pay for the call. Readings are strictly by appointment and must be paid for in advance, either by cheque or through Paypal.

You can follow Jo on Twitter @TarotExperience

Telephone Reading